News of former colleagues

Alex Walker

Most of us will remember Alex Walker, who was Musical Director of wedding1the choir between 2002 and 2011. It was great to hear from him in February 2015, when he emailed Gwen with his latest news:

“Larissa and I got married in Moscow in August which was very exciting and we now share a home in wedding2Willesden Green in North West London. I attach a couple of informal photos from our wedding which was celebrated by an Orthodox bishop in a rather splendid Moscow church. Larissa plays the piano for fun but has a proper job Рshe works in on-line marketing for a company called Blinkbox. Her family are all from Moscow, although she has lived in the UK for 7 years; she came to do her MBA. This means that I am working more frequently than she is in Moscow.

Work-wise all is fine with me. I have been doing more work on my friend Ignatz Waghalter, recording a second disc in Moscow a year or so ago; it will be out in May. In fact, a man from a film company has been following me about and is making a film about this, and the rediscovery of several other composers. He has made a short film (7 minutes) about my efforts that you can see below:

Otherwise, I have also been recording symphonies by the great British eccentric Havergal Brian, and another disc of his symphonies will be out in April, just before the Waghalter disc. Apart from this, I am now teaching two days a week at the Royal Academy of Music, working with post-grad conducting students and have started a PhD on Waghalter. It seemed obvious, since I was doing the research anyway! I am still with Abingdon and also an orchestra in Kingston, but have moved on from Northampton Symphony Orchestra. I think they are mid-way through appointing my successor.”

We were delighted to welcome Alex to our Anniversary Concert in April 2015 and he subsequently wrote these kind words:

“It was great to see that the choir has clearly been going from strength to strength in the last few years, and I thoroughly enjoyed their excellent performance in April 2015.”